Appoint a Kinharvie coach - the best strategic investment you can make towards advancing your professional and personal development objectives.

Release your potential and engage in an individually tailored or team specific, learning and development journey for outstanding professional growth.  Our experienced and successful coaches work with you to identify your learning and development goals as you engage in a discovery of increased awareness and purposeful action that leads you and your team confidently in achieving even greater success. 

Professional concerns and aspirations are seen by our coaches as the catalyst for exploring the attitudes and behaviours that both help and hinder desired change.

You can arrange a free 30-minute coaching session here. 

Our coaches have many years experience in working successfully with both individuals and teams and have extensive backgrounds in psychology, organisational development and training.  Our coaches abide by the ICF code of ethics.  Coaching products are delivered under three main headings:

  • Developmental Coaching - for a general focus on professional and personal development
  • Leadership Coaching - for a focus on leadership development
  • Team Coaching - for a focus on team development
We offer the above coaching as a Standard Package, a Psychometric Package and a 360° Feedback Package.