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Kinharvie Institute Facilitates the 'Leadership Development Centre' for Turning Point Scotland

By Paul Cummings, 15-Jan-2013

Turning Point Scotland has been in the process of developing their Leadership Development programme and are now ready to launch next month with their first group of managers.  The Leadership Development programme has been designed by Turning Point Scotland to support the delivery of the organisations strategic plan.  The aim of the programme is to ensure managers deliver strategic objectives for their services with the aim of harnessing leadership talent within the organisation.

We were approached to design and deliver the initial module of the programme known as the 'Leadership Development Centre'.  The Leadership Development Centre is an experience (rather than a location or place) where participants undertake structured tasks designed to elicit, assess and develop key leadership competencies.

The Development Centre we have designed with Turning point Scotland will take place at Kinharvie Institute and will focus on a range of behaviours including, visioning, setting a positive example, communicating constructively, encouraging collaboration, delivering results and problem solving.

Three Kinharvie facilitators will facilitate a series of exercises and tasks for managers to complete, after which each will receive 45 minutes individual feedback.  The purpose of the feedback is to help participants set their own development goals for the duration of the programme.

We are appreciative of the opportunity to accompany Turning Point Scotland and their managers on this exciting and engaging Leadership Development programme.

Turning Point Scotland provides person centred support to adults with a range of complex needs. Turning Point Scotland delivers person centred services in order to give each individual the opportunity to live a life to the full, in a way desirable to them.  Visit their site here.