Meeting Design

Meeting Design

Little known ways to transform the way you run your meetings:-
paying attention to the design of your meeting can mean the difference between meeting success and failure. Engage our meeting design experts to positively influence your next meeting.

Meeting design consultation is a great way for leaders and managers to transform the way they conduct their meetings.

When it comes to planning, people give most attention to the ‘what’ of the meeting i.e. the agenda.   Neglecting the ‘how’ of the meeting is all too common.  Rather than asking ‘How best will we tackle this agenda item?’ meeting leaders fall back on familiar habitual ways of conducting proceedings – even when they don’t work.

Meeting design issues include:

  • Mismanaging agendas
  • Participants being too passive for too long
  • Using tools / exercises inappropriate to the desired outcomes
  • Limited interaction between participants
  • Giving insufficient time for breaks and recreation
  • Death by Powerpoint

Many people charged with leading meetings are not trained to be meeting experts however; they can be shown possibilities that deliver more positive meeting outcomes.

We offer a meeting design consultation service where we will work with you in designing a meeting plan informed by our expertise in facilitation.

Contact us so we can help you transform the way you run meetings.

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Audrey MacNeill

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